Cloud-Based RFiD Inventory Management

Today’s global world of commerce makes managing inventory and assets more difficult than ever. Yesterday’s inventory and asset tracking tools and methods can’t meet today’s demands. Introducing the inventory & asset management solution for your 21st-century business, leveraging RFID technology to transform how you view, manage, and interact with your inventory and assets.

What is RFID?

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and is a technology that allows physical objects to be identified and counted wirelessly.

Since items tagged with RFID labels don’t need to be seen to be identified and counted, products can be audited without being disrupted, including while folded on shelves, packed in boxes, or out of reach.

  • Every item is serialized
  • Tags act as a sensor and store data
  • Eliminates human error
  • Ability to count tags literally through walls
  • Able to count 100’s of items per-second
  • 99% Accuracy


We have developed integrations with some of the most popular eCommerce, Point of Sale, and ERP systems on the market today allowing rapid set-up, seamless communication, and easy workflows.



We have developed solutions dedicated to solving the unique challenges of various business verticals including Commerce, Asset, and Warehouse management.

We offer all needed components to allow you to deploy and manage your complete RFID program including Hardware, Software, and Labels/Tags–as well as a fourth critical element, software integrations.


Commerce Management

CommerceRF affordably brings the power of Radio Frequency to all aspects of retailing, transforming inventory and order management for omnichannel sellers.



Industrial Applications

WarehouseRF enables warehouses and industrial facilities to manage and control the movement, storage, and fulfillment of items using RFID.



Custom RFID Applications & Installations including Automation

Businesses seeking solutions outside of the scope of one of our existing products may choose a custom solution. CustomRF combines all of our existing solutions and tools to provide the framework for rapid development of customized solutions.



I worked with Stan and the Merch Manager team when I was running an athletic apparel company doing business with Costco’s roadshows. Because this was a consignment program that travelled from event to event, we could not buy an off-the shelf solution to address a challenging inventory situation. Merch Manager’s RFID program was answer to this problem because they built the program to address those specific needs. The Merch Manager RFID solution gives vendors real time visibility into sales and inventory – this is a game changing solution that results in increased sales because you react faster, reduce the need for manual (and inaccurate) inventory counts, and simply have more control over your business.
Vicky T
We have and will continue to work with Simple RFID. It has helped us improve Shipping accuracy and maximize profits. No operation is to large for Simple RFID.
Andre M
Heirloom Clothing has been using the Simple RFID technology since March 2015 (nearly 2 1/2 years) to scan and replenish Costco Special Events in addition to scanning our entire warehouse inventory. We have estimated that the use of this technology has helped to increase sales in these events by at least 20-30% as it allows us to determine the styles, sizes and colors of products that are selling by each Costco location. This then allows us to assure that the replenishment contains product that will provide us with maximum sales. We also use the resulting information generated by the technology to forecast future sales and to generate purchase orders to our manufacturers. I’m not sure how any Costco or any other big box special events company could live without this system. It is a technology that we could not operate without!
Bill W.
I have worked with Simple RFID for over a year now. This has completely helped to streamline the business saving us so much time and money. It has given us accurate visibilty on our inventory and allows us to make accurate product projections which in turn has increased revenue. I would recommend this product to anyone that wants to grow their business and it’s a great company to work with.
Brooke A.
We have been using Simple RFID (previously Merchmanager) for several years. We sell our products through special events where we need to track inventory on a daily basis from around the United States. Simple RFID’s technology has allowed us to do this fast and accurate. Thank you for providing such a powerful solution that has saved us money, time and is user friendly.
Patrick M.
We have worked with Simple RFID for almost 2 years and have been nothing but impressed. It has greatly improved our Inventory Visibility, our Quality Control, and Shipping Accuracy. Incredible Product.
Line M.
We have been working with this company and their RFID scanners and Inventory Management systems for well over a year. We receive real value due to their highly customized approach to understanding our needs. They have great understanding of the market and the utilization of RFID.
James A.
I was able to observe the Simple RFID application in the real world and was extremely impressed. The efficiency and accuracy of which this app provides is unmatched. I have seen over 20 competitor software platforms and this is second to none.
Sanders R.
In the roadshow business we are constantly moving our products from location to location while sending replenishment items to keep them stocked after they are sold. With over 80 sku’s it is difficult to accurately manage our inventory consistently over time. Using the RFID system has helped us manage our inventory more accurately allowing us to provide the right stock at our events and help us reduce shipping costs by avoiding excess inventory.
Michael K.