Impinj Speedway

R220 (2 Port)

Connect up to 2 antenna

R420 (4 Port)

Connect up to 32 antenna


1.5 lb (.7 kg)

The Impinj Speedway reader provides an affordable way to create a large, contiguous read zone with many antennas connected to a single reader.

Inventory Management

Ensures supplies are always in stock, get accurate information about the availability and consumption of materials, and manage inventory with the lower cost through efficient utilization and expiration management.

Asset Tracking

Easily track returnable, reusable assets for reduced errors, and increased efficiency.


Track and authenticate items through the supply chain.


Removable, rechargeable 4.2 volt Lithium Polymer 2400 mAh battery pack, 8.9-watt hrs

*Prices do not include Antenna, Cabling, GPIO, Antenna Hub, or Mounting. Microsoft Tablet, Forklift mount, and Push-tower sold separately.